Sunday, 25 January 2009

Pregnant Me...

I'm starting this blog because I've found books and information for first time mothers to be full and in abundance, while information for second time mothers very scarce. One may presume that this is because the second time mother should know all she needs to know...but this is an incorrect presumption. There are lots of worries, concerns and experiences that a second time mother will encounter that a first time mother will not. Therefore, I thought I should write a blog about my own experiences in the hope that other (about to be) second time mothers may benefit something from them.

I'm six months pregnant with my second child. This pregnancy has been greatly distinct from the first time around. The first time around I wouldn't stop moaning about what a hassle or drag it was - I was never a woman who embraced pregnancy and thought it was fantastic - but this time, it's really only just started to bother me and I have enjoyed it much more. Some days not too long ago I went through periods where I couldn't even remember I was pregnant!

About a month ago I was sitting in front of the TV when I felt some strange sensations in my belly, "what on earth is that??" I panicked...before realising that it was, of course, the baby kicking. I'd totally forgotten for a moment that there even was a baby. In addition, this time around I had to wait for the midwife to tell me how many weeks I was at my most recent antenatal check up...I couldn't remember! This greatly contrasts to the first time around when I knew exactly how many weeks, days, hours and seconds that I was pregnant.

However, there being only a few months to go, certain realisations have been popping into my head. Such as the fact that I'm going to have to give birth again. The first time mother is blissfully ignorant of what giving birth is really like. On the one hand, it can be a good thing second time because at least you know what you're dealing with. On the other hand, you have more reason to be anxious because you know exactly what you're anxious about this time.

I'm also not eagerly anticipating the new baby's arrival because I know how hard the first month or so will be. In the last months of pregnancy last time, I was desperate to just "GET THEM OUT" because I was finding pregnancy such a drag..."I don't care how hard it will be or how tired I will be, I just want this baby out now!"....this time, I think I'd like to enjoy some more sleep before I'm robbed of it again. It will be an even harder first month or so now that I have a two year old to contend with. Then again, I'm hopeful that the highly stressful inital period of having a newborn will not seem quite as difficult this time around...perhaps because I will already used to the massive life change that the first born created and since I am already a slave to THEIR every need, it won't come as much of a surprise that I will have to be to this new little baby? In any case, I'm happy to just enjoy having my one child for a little longer. I'm in no hurry. Yet. Give me a month or so more of being pregnant and getting bigger and having more kicks in the ribs, perhaps I'll change my mind.